Emergency SOS


My email isn’t working!

Email is today’s must have and without it our businesses come to a screeching halt. Whether you’re a company experiencing email outages or an individual tackling Outlook issues, we’re here to help! Having spam issues or problems with people receiving your emails, we’ve got you covered there as well. Pecora Systems has email experts standing by to help with all your needs.

My Internet isn’t working!

Even worse than having an email outage is having an Internet outage. Everything relies on the internet these days and without it, your company is in the dark! Pecora Systems carries routers, cable modems, switches, and just about everything else needed to bring a network up. We can also help navigate finding a better internet service if you’re tired of frequent outages. Regardless of your Internet woes, we’re here to help with every step of the way.

My computer won’t turn on!

There’s nothing worse than pressing the power button on your computer or opening the lid to your laptop and nothing happening! Or the dreaded blue screen of death on a PC or grey screen of death on a Mac. Pecora Systems is here to help. We have experience across all brands, including data recovery. We regularly carry loaner computers with us so that in the event we cannot bring your machine online at the site of the incident, we can get you up and running immediately.

I’m having conference soon and none of my tech is working!

You’re gearing up to have a conference and nothing is working! Rest assured, Pecora Systems will get you up and running in no time. We’re ready to help on a moment’s notice too. We keep several types of adapters, laptops, and even projectors on hand for those conference room emergencies that can delay a conference and even worse lose business.

I’m traveling on business and need help setting tech up!

Traveling in the DC area and need help with getting your tech up and running? We travel to you! We’ll get all your tech up and running without a hitch. Pecora Systems is standing by to get you operational so you can get on with business as usual on your travels.

I’m having some other tech emergency!

Tech emergency isn’t listed here? We can help with that! If it plugs into the wall or has a chip in it, Pecora Systems has your covered. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for assistance!

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